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CHILD Blankets

Keep your little one cozy and warm with this handmade child blanket lovingly crafted from soft yarn. This blanket has everything you need to comfort your child day or night.

  • Handmade from super-soft, breathable yarn

  • Perfect weight and size for babies and toddlers

  • Provides soothing warmth and comfort for naps and bedtime

  • Made with care using quality materials

This child blanket envelops your little one in softness and warmth. The premium yarn is lightweight and breathable, perfect for snuggling at any time of day. Your child will love having this blanket along for strolls in the stroller, playtime on the floor, and drifting off to sleep in their crib. Give your child the gift of comfort with this handmade treasure.


Child Blanket    $75.00


Child Blanket    $75.00


Child Blanket    $75.00

Child Blanket    $75.00

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